Romance novels beat Hollywood chick flicks as reflections of female sexuality

If you want to learn about female sexual preferences, read romance novels, don’t watch Hollywood chick flicks! Romance novels are written and read by women. They are the female version of hardcore porn – more honest to female desire.

Chick flicks do not reflect female sexual preferences nearly as directly: they are marketed to men as well as women. They are even more mainstream and watched by men and women together. Hollywood is too invested in the culture to let something as threatening to the social fabric as female sexuality dominate the scripts. Hollywood movies therefore are limited by political correctness. They are like the bad dating advice you get from mainstream sources: designed to mislead you about female preferences. This is not a conspiracy, just our culture defending its ways. Some script writers may believe their own distortions; others know what will work in the system. The heroine must not be depicted to crave her own submission. The hero must be demonstrated to win by being nice (and strong perhaps – a nod to reality).

Hollywood constantly tries to strike half-assed compromises: between how we’d like it to be and how it should be and how it is. Reality is not completely absent, of course – a small dose is required, lest the experience fail to compel. And as if that didn’t confuse things enough, they also strike a compromise between pleasing the female audience and pleasing the male audience, while nurturing, in both sexes, the illusions that cement the status quo.

While romance novels hold a lot of clues, they are not completely honest to female desire, either (again, like hardcore porn to male desire). They, too, go through too many filters: self-censoring, marketing selection, and a need to protect societal norms. So, romance novels beat Hollywood chick flicks, but better yet is the internet:


2 Responses to “Romance novels beat Hollywood chick flicks as reflections of female sexuality”

  1. 11minutes Says:

    Very true.

    These are excellent points.

    I still believe that chick flicks contain similar insights – it is just more hidden. The point I tried to make in my post yesterday was to point out that the “bad mainstream dating advice” is only on the surface, because (and that is interesting) female psychology prevents chumps from being seen as attractive – even in the context of a romantic comedy. The guy has to show some more masculine traits before “winning her over”, which is often hilariously incoherent with the overall character.

    Hardcore porn is another interesting case. It is one of the “taboo” topics how much and how often women watch porn. Most women I know admit to watching it rather regularly (most of them for masturbation purposes). It would be incredibly interesting to learn more about what kind of porn gets most hits by male or female viewers. Much there to learn, too.

  2. alphadominance Says:

    I address this here in relation to romantic comedies.

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