Need reduction (male ~, female ~)

Desire: a need to be reduced, a thorn pricking us. How to relieve ourselves of it? Two ways: to yield to it (the best way according to Oscar Wilde) or to remove or destroy its cause. The latter method requires of a man to walk away (remove) or turn into a psychopath (destroy). A woman, by contrast, can diminish the cause by a mere shift of perspective in her mind, by throwing a test at or befriending what had been the object of her desire.

If you’re a man, imagine you could walk the party, snap your fingers at each hottie and thus turn her into a fattie on the spot. This is what it’s like to be a sexy woman, throwing tests at guys that look attractive. And then, occasionally, you snap – and snap again… and it doesn’t work.

It’s interesting to note that all three variants of need reduction ((1) yield to desire, (2) remove object, (3) destroy object) in men are sexually attractive to women. Having many sexual options and walking away (or better yet pushing her off) are deeply sexy to women, and so is psychopathy. This is because need in a man is sexually repulsive, and because all these behaviors are proactive and exude power.

Conversely, the same tendencies do not affect female attractiveness to males. She’s no more sexy for sleeping around; he’s just sad it’s not with him. Or for leaving; he’s just sad to see her go. And she is no more sexy for shit testing, either; it’s just wrecking his nerves — though many women, mistakenly using their own responses as a model for predicting the male’s, feel it enhances their appeal.


5 Responses to “Need reduction (male ~, female ~)”

  1. 11minutes Says:

    What seems like a blessing can be a curse (not unlike that of King Midas).

    There is a reason women do not have sex every time they get out.

    They often would like to, but they can’t.

    The finger snapping can’t be turned off.

    They want to be attracted to a guy, yet they simply _have_ to snap their finger and try to turn the guy into an unattractive member of our gender.

    This happens because the resistance to the finger snap is crucial for her to be attracted. A woman needs to _know_ that the guy is the donor of good sperm. Without the test, there is no knowing. With each resisted test, she will be more sure – and hence more attracted.

    The result is that women often complain about “not getting laid”, while the skewed supply/demand situation at any bar should make it ridiculously easy for a horny girl to get dick.

    So, in order to be _really_ effective one needs to visualize as a girl who can snap all the beauty away, not just at will but by accident (and women always assume that men have the same experiences in the mating market than themselves – this is why qualifying her works so well).

  2. stagetwo Says:

    i agree up to the last paragraph — which i don’t understand. please explain. who needs to visualize what? and what type of qualifying are you thinking of?

  3. 11minutes Says:

    What I meant to say in the last paragraph is the following:

    Game in a sense is a complete gender reversal of the “normal” situation in the sexual market place.

    The “normal” situation is the one which is so familiar to betas: men who want sex so badly they would pay loads of money to get it. On the other hand you have choosy girls who decide with whom to have sex with.

    With game, the guy becomes the choosy one and the woman is the one who wants sex so badly she will do anything – even morally questionable things – to get his sperm.

    Talking to women about this, it quickly becomes obvious that they have no clue about all of this. Since they are only attracted to alpha males, they do not really think that they are the choosy ones. In their experience they aren’t. They literally chase after (bad) boys when they are out. Their choosiness is restricted to keeping the worthless unattractive guys away, but that is based on instinctive disgust and not on her thinking about whether or not the guy is worthy. After all, the whole idea of a guy approaching a woman is that the man selects the woman. Woman want to be desired (while not not needed).

    This is why qualifying her is crucial. A woman will test the guy for a while (and think that he is testing her at the same time). By the time she is attracted she will have sent out so many indicators of interest that she is convinced that the guys knows she wants him. Since the guy had to hold back his indicators of interest, she will feel insecure now. She needs indicators of interest at that point to see that both potential overs have agreed upon having sex in order to move on.

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