Is game evil?

Yes. Game is inherently evil. That is why women cannot resist it.

But how does game (i.e. pickup, seduction, and sexual techniques) relate to feminism and more generally to the ideal of gender equality?

I am in favor of gender equality. Where females are disadvantaged, this should be mended. Where males are disadvantaged, this should be mended as well. Feminism has legitimately pushed for the former. A men’s rights movement is needed to push for the latter.

Feminists and progressives like myself tend to assume a societal power differential in favor of males. This is an assumption I do not share.

While men have been predominant as leaders in politics, industry, and academia, it is not clear to me that this reflects their greater general power. Does the person in the driver’s seat have more power than the person in the passenger seat next to him? Well, he might. But then again, he might be the chauffeur.

Men’s predominance in positions of power does not automatically indicate that they have more control over their lives or live under more favorable circumstances than women. It may alternatively reflect the greater pressure to perform, protect, and pay that males are subjected to. Consider also the fact that men are the ones predominantly doing all the least attractive and hazardous jobs.

Contrary to the notion of equality, a man is expected to give up his life to save a woman, if life ever leads him to this choice. This widely accepted rule, which we all grow up with, sends a clear message to young men: You are worth less. Men, by and large, are expected to do the killing (and endure the trauma of that experience) and the dying.

I suspect that the pressures on males contribute to their lower life expectancy. These issues are explored in great depth in Warren Farrell’s seminal book “The Myth of Male Power” (,

Gender equality will not be realized until these disadvantages for men have been removed.

But what about sexual power? In this domain, a widespread assumption is that of female predominant power and choice. If you believe this, you will agree that game, which gives power to the weaker party: men, will help level the playing field and bring us closer to gender equality.

Understanding and mastery of pickup, seduction, and sexual techniques gives us sexual power over women. This would seem fair, given that women have substantial sexual power over males and spend significant time and resources maximizing their sexual power (e.g. on clothes, cosmetics, etc.). This is the competitive aspect.

The cooperative aspect is important as well: If women and men know how to make themselves attractive to and how to please each other, both parties will be happier. Game can spawn love and save marriages by igniting and nourishing the sexual flame.

Moreover, a good man with game can attract and permanently enchant a woman who would otherwise fall for assholes sexually and marry a nice guy who cannot satisfy her. In other words, game has the potential to circumvent the undesirable effects of female sexual preferences (including the sexual preference for assholes). Good men getting sexy is a major positive effect of the pickup movement for women (and of course also for men).

Game gives us power – it depends on each man’s character whether he will use this power for good or evil.


10 Responses to “Is game evil?”

  1. 11minutes Says:

    Solid post.

    I do not understand why you say that game is inherently evil, though.

    As you said in the end – no tool is ever evil. If it something is used to harm other people, it is the man who uses it who is evil, not the tool itself.

    I assume that by “inherently evil” you might allude to negs, push/pull, fake-it-till you make it bad-boyish “alphaness” etc. I am not sure these are evil actions either. Will post about that tomorrow…

  2. stagetwo Says:

    the first line is tongue in cheek. i’d say game is “evil” as in “charmingly diabolical”.

    note that the first line is potentially seductive: embracing evil and claiming to be evil is very sexy for a man. but this is the great thing: you don’t have to *be* evil to be sexy. you only have to embrace the possibility of evil, suggest that you might e evil, and then not rush to correct anyone who considers you evil.

    the last line — as most of this blog — is all goodness and honesty: an example of anti-seductive communication.

  3. z Says:


    Found you blog from 11 minutes excellent blog (that has been blocked by some jerk-off or feminist war pig by flagging it—probably over the ubermost-true article he linked from the NYT that all humans need to see, but thats another story).

    This verbiage that you wrote:

    “In other words, game has the potential to circumvent the undesirable effects of female sexual preferences (including the sexual preference for assholes). Good men getting sexy is a major positive effect of the pickup movement for women (and of course also for men).”

    …………………is something that I strongly agree with. Im hoping “game” can help the nice guys out there who cant figure out what they are doing wrong because all the learned from the media about relationships (and from women’s own mouths) is wrong. We need the educated, genuinely respectful, THINKING men out there to father more children, and not the true jail-hopping thugs.

  4. ovid Says:

    Im hoping “game” can help the nice guys out there who cant figure out what they are doing wrong because all the learned from the media about relationships (and from women’s own mouths) is wrong. We need the educated, genuinely respectful, THINKING men out there to father more children, and not the true jail-hopping thugs.

    Thanks for the response Stage2.And yes Z you are correct,but I would add that the old school traditional/religious types bear more than their fair share of the blame as well.In fact,I would put them at the top of the list.

  5. z.g. Says:

    I am sometimes thinking what makes players attractive is their evil tendencies…

    Female is drawn towards evil…

    but aside from that,

    Game being evil or not evil,

    I strongly object any accusation for game’s wrongdoings.

    If we were dealing with females, creatures of pure fairness, of no cruelty, of understanding and tolerance, of sympathy and empathy, then game would be wrong, unfair, unjust.

    Instead, even with the most down to earth woman, there is an ingrained trait of manipulation, unfairness, double standards, cruelty, belittling, shaming, etc etc, that NO average man can come close to, let alone have the tools to deal with.

    Game evens the sexual field,

    Evil gives you the upper hand.

  6. stagetwo Says:


    when we don’t understand female sexuality, the way women test and lose attraction appears completely unpredictable and counterintuitive: you are nice, she loses all interest.

    this causes much suffering among men and leads many to a choice between despising either women (as manipulative and mean) or themselves (as universally unattractive).

    however, given the human female’s biological mate selection program, she cannot help this behavior. it is not her fault anymore than it is men’s fault that they are not attracted to ugly women.

    in order to improve gender relationships, we need to accept the nature of female as well as male sexuality. the male preference for beauty is widely acknowledged. but we need to break through the wall of lies erected to obscure and suppress female sexuality with its central preference for power.

    i do *not* agree with your view of women as more manipulative, mendacious, or mean than men by nature.

    she will compulsively push you to test your power (this is her sex module in action). you do need to assert your power (or else she will lose all sexual interest).

    let me sum it up like this:

    women are loving by nature. they will give you anything you want — unless you need it. and they will never hurt you — unless they can.

    please note: she will not hurt you because she is mean and wants to hurt you. but she will lose interest in you when she feels that she has the power to hurt you. this loss of interest will hurt you. and she cannot do much about it: she’d have to lie if she were to claim that she is still attracted to you.

    it’s fucked up. but that’s how it is.

    true game is to understand all this.


  7. z.g. Says:

    you make good points,

    But I still hold my point that game is necessary to even the playing field, as men are not equipped to deal with the mentioned aspect of female sexuality, and even worse, are trained as if female sexuality were the opposite of what it is.

    I.e., besides having no skills to counter the female version of flirt, they are given the wrong skills.

    And also,

    If, from my point of view, female behavior is manipulative, dishonest (especially against the suckers), then, it is that.

    I will not say, “Oh, she is just a female” like some PUA’s do, I will hold a woman to my standard, and if she is manipulative etc, then treat her in same manners as I feel being treated.

    This is my life, and my rules and standards apply.

    It is fucked up,

    It is my imperative to play the game for my own benefit, while benefiting also the deserving females.

    And btw, this attitude gets me laid more than anything else.

  8. z.g. Says:

    My mistake,

    You also are an advocate of game… So there is no disagreement in that sense.

  9. z.g. Says:

    A few days of thinking and I cannot come to a conclusion, so I will ramble here.

    See, I do not want to directly say women are attracted to evil, but experience and literature shows that evil is chosen in a higher rate by women then good.

    Maybe it is a collateral result. I always say women’s selection is disfunctional.

    – women will say it is not. some men are good for sex, and some are . so we chose wisely. they will say that, but what they do not see is that the men who are suited for relationships also want sex and are denied it. And relationship = investment, sometimes lifelong

    Unless we are talking about a minority of attractive women who are traditional, and since we are not interested into women who want to settle down with a provider due to her clock, we are talking about sexually active attractive females, say till 35.

    What is the prime attractor to these women?

    Money? Looks? humor? Status?

    Except the well fitting sexual son hypothesis, and not wanting what they want to have but can’t have – this translates into a man being a challenge, there is one thing that turns these women on:


    Are we talking about excitement from extreme sports?
    Excitement from running?
    Excitement from heated debates?


    We are talking about the excitement a man will give her.

    The drama he will create. The emotional rollercoaster he will put on her.. The swing between being desired and being unwanted.

    This turns her on.

    (In my opinion, if everything would be independent, the sexual son hypothesis would override this, but they are very dependent)

    What happens to good?

    Lets say there is an attractive man, he can be good, he can be not-good.

    Let’s say there is a good man, he can be attractive or not in the attractive category.

    there is evil man, attractive or not.

    Good man who is not attractive is invisible or is a creep.

    Attractive man who is good will be either

    – Creep. Why is the attractive man acting in a good manner? he has the power, so why is he not using it, there must be something wrong.

    – Potential long term. He is attractive and he is good. Even though he would well fit the fucker category, he also fits the sucker category. Making him good makes him not so exciting but trustable (=no rollercoaster) in women’s eyes, sadly the first two take priority. Thus this man will be reserved for relationships, and will not benefit as much from casual sex as,

    Attractive man who is not good.

    Besides being attractive this man by not being good will offer her drama. Will treat her not-good, and create the emotions she eneds to feel alive.

    Then we have:

    Not-attractive man who is not good. since these are also drama creating, these men tend to find audience also.

    Women, either by terming good as creep or long term, do not select these men (due to two different reasons) for casual sex, but readily go to the other group(s) for their flings.

    Thus even if I cannot fully say, women are attracted to evil, for sexuality,

    I can say they are not attracted to good, for sexuality,

    thus as many men good or bad want sex, the good ones will be denied sex, unless an investment is in place, and the bad ones get rewarded.

    And extremes create more excitement, the evil ones will be having women running after them, to please them sexually for free.

    In the end, even if women are not directly attracted to evil, evil is the one which is rewarded by women’s attraction.

    The good, this or the other way, statistically has to pay for sex.

    Unless game enters.

    What you have got now are long term material attractive men short circuiting women by imitating not-good traits.

    When a long term prospect is acting like a short term one, women have no defenses against that,

    That is why they hate game.

    (Besides granting the “unworthy” access to their sexuality, once again due to a similar short circuit)

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