Collaborative txt gaming (CTG)

I’d like to propose a collaborative approach to attracting our flirts and lovers with cell texts and emails: collaborative txt gaming.

When txt-gaming a girl, cc your wing. This way your wing can (1) learn from you, (2) give you feedback on your approach, and (3) suggest txts for you to use.

Your wing’s greater emotional distance affords him a wider perspective of the dynamic and a calmer appreciation of the situation. His distance also allows him to suggest riskier (and thus potentially much more attractive) game — which might be hard for you to even imagine as you are caught in a given state of the game.

Conversely, you will enjoy and learn from your wing’s txt game, and you will guide and inspire him in return.


One Response to “Collaborative txt gaming (CTG)”

  1. 11minutes Says:

    shameless plug, but see:

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