Sex as continuation of conflict

Sex to a woman is the continuation of conflict by other means.

“And everywhere you came and left,
You came in the name of love and,
Left a wake of happiness and tenderness,
And sweet conflict, sweet conflict.”

– “Everywhere” by Bran Van 3000

“Sweet conflict” – a woman speaking, quite clearly.


One Response to “Sex as continuation of conflict”

  1. 11minutes Says:

    Interesting thought.

    My own experience in relationships is that
    a) in general, women tend to seek conflict much more than I do
    b) whenever women act “bitchy” and “difficult”, all they really want is rough sex RIGHT NOW (I believe this is why calling them “feisty” works so well during pickup; it is basically synonymous with calling them horny)
    c) even if there was a rational reason for conflict, the woman will meander around the topic – and finally confess that she has “forgotten what we were arguing about, but waiting for an apology”

    For women, any conflict delivers emotion – excitement – and can serve as a shit test at the same time.

    Moreover, it is a beta-ization tool. Guys tend to want to “please” the woman they are with (or just get her to shut up and gain some piece of mind). By trying to accommodate her, he will essentially supplicate.

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