Beauty is deep by comparison

We often hear that men are superficial in their sexual preferences, preferring beautiful women. The implication is that women are more sophisticated. It is true that female preferences are more complicated. However, they turn out also to be even more superficial.

At the simplest level, the equivalent of the male preference for beauty is the female preference for status and power. Both status and power come with one’s position in society and can be gained late and lost prematurely. These qualities are even further from the core of who we are, and thus more superficial, than beauty.

A closer look reveals that not only are female preferences more superficial, but the weight of a given male quality in the female attraction formula rises monotonically with the degree of superficialty of the quality.

The deepest quality, personality, has negative weight, turning a positive personality (nice and sweet) into a liability and creating the positive response to the dark triad (narcissism, machiavellism, and psychopathy) and to everyday assholery. Looks are more superficial than personality and rise to a small positive weight. Status and power come next, earning a heavy weight, topped only by bullshitting ability, which is maximally superficial (as it can be acquired through training at any stage in life if the motivation is there) and most sexually impressive to the female.

Oscar Wilde said that “only superficial people do not judge by appearances.” Well, happily, we all do.


3 Responses to “Beauty is deep by comparison”

  1. 11minutes Says:


    But to play devil’s advocate: It all stand and falls with the accuracy of the dimension of superficiality. I can see how one could argue that looks are the most superficial quality since status and even bullshitting abilities are more linked to a person’s personality and less temporary than beauty.

    • stagetwo Says:

      really? looks, though they may fade slowly, are genetic and with us for the better part of our lives. status, whether social or societal, can change from one year to the next, in fact from one night to the next, and heaviliy depends on present company.

      the disconnect i feel when a girl likes me and obviously for these reasons is the same disconnect hot girls feel when guys who know nothing about them are overeager because of they are attracted by their looks.

  2. Linkage is Good for You: Easter Edition Says:

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