The conservation of discontent

When a man is demanding, and a bit of an asshole, a woman will be loving and sweet in response. This is natural as she will feel herself falling a little deeper in love with him.

When a man is loving and sweet, and a bit too nice to be sexy, a woman will be bitchy and demanding. This is natural as she will simultaneously feel dissatisfied with him as a man and in a position to push her own agenda.

These two complementary tendencies, I think, are a universal feature of female sexuality. Some women, with awareness, manage to rein them in more than others.

I propose that as a result of these tendencies, the total discontent in the relationship is approximately conserved at all times.

There is a constant amount of discontent to be expressed. The considerate man understands that he must give her a hand expressing it, or she will have to do the whole job.


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