The Wutzwerg – Klaus Kinski

I recently had a conversation with a friend about Klaus Kinski, the actor. My friend had some interesting thoughts…

Klaus Kinski, the “Wutzwerg” (“angerdwarf”) as my friend calls him, through his frequent explosive rages, rose rapidly in his youth to become a sexual superalpha. High on all three traits of the dark triad – narcissism, machiavellism, and psychopathy (he was once diagnosed with schizophrenia), he was naturally irresistible to women.

In the hierarchy of men, however, these same traits limited his ascent. Despite being a world-class actor and natural star of great international appeal, he never had the level of success commensurate to his talent. With his rage, extreme narcissism, and violent – even homicidal – tendencies, he was seen as too much of a risk factor for movie productions.

While many men appeal to women by first gaining status among men, the unique quality and intensity of Klaus Kinski’s assholery, my friend argued, led him first to rise among women, and then to fail among men.

To illustrate the exemplary assholery of his relations to women, a quote: “As soon as I fuck a girl or she’s sucked me off, I want to leave her immediately. If one sucks me over for so long that I let her sleep with me and she wants to cuddle up to me, I kick her away.”

This led our conversation to the question whether we should consider the qualities preferred by female sexuality as generally positive and desirable – beyond the sexual domain. Klaus Kinski’s story would suggest that the answer is no.

Evolution built the human brain. But let’s not trust its wild brilliance too much: It is perfectly liable also to give the females of a species a preference for males with rapist tendencies (as rapists’ offspring may more effectively spread their genes in the generations to follow – by rape). Evolution can be brilliant, but it is also blind, and it has no regard whatsoever for our preferences, be they ethical, political, or personal.

Decisiveness, determination, and success itself are qualities we value, which are also sexually preferred by women. A measure of assholery, while socially undesirable and unsurprisingly widely shamed, can contribute to success. But let’s not whitewash the evolutionary program. While we should accept the sexual preferences of the opposite sex as biological fact and as nobody’s fault, we need not accept them as norms or as our own preferences.

There are many positive qualities that have little or no weight, or even negative weight, in the female attraction formula. Good looks are a plus of small weight. Intelligence is a bit of a handicap. Lovingness is a major handicap, especially if it appears compulsory and prevents any demonstration of the ability to be a true asshole.

Game is a playful way of accepting that women have these sexual preferences and of appealing to them without enslaving oneself to them and limiting oneself the way Kinski did.

Klaus Kinski died in 1991. “How did he die?” I asked my friend. “Well,” he answered, “what do you expect? He exploded in anger. Like Rumpelstiltskin, he tore himself up. He just essentially self-combusted. Heart-attack, I think they called it.”


5 Responses to “The Wutzwerg – Klaus Kinski”

  1. John Neville Says:

    Would you care to elaborate on why intelligence is a bit of a handicap?

    • stagetwo Says:

      Intelligence is not necessarily a handicap. But the intelligent tend to be nerdy. A nerd is someone who is focused on objective understanding of some content, rather than on social dynamics. A nerd can be sexy through status in the right social environment, e.g. academia. But in general, nerdiness is not sexy. For example, in conversation a nerd will be led by content and will miss the emotional and power dynamics of the exchange. The female sexual response is her emotional state multiplied by his perceived power. Nerds are easily led. They answer questions accurately. All of this is pure anti-seduction. This issue deserves a post.

  2. Jo Says:

    How can you say that a rapist’s son will be a rapist? Also I feel real intelligent men are not essentially nerds and academic…It can be counted as a virtue of our greateast intellectuals that they are not academic..

    • stagetwo Says:

      jo, i’m not saying that a rapist’s son will necessarily be a rapist. today rape is rare (in terms of the proportion of men committing it) and a rapist’s son is unlikely to be a rapist. however, this doesn’t preclude the possibility that a rapist’s son is slightly more likely than a nonrapist’s son to commit rape. both nature and nurture might cause transmission of such tendencies in prinicple. here we are concerned with nature: there may be some hereditary component. for example, testosterone levels might be heritable and higher in rapists. if rapist tendencies increased reproductive success, they would rise in the population. all this is just to illustrate that we should not look to evolution to justify our values. the fact that evolution is liable to favor rapist tendencies is irrelevant to our values and judgments.

      on your second point, i agree that there are highly intelligent people who are not nerds or academics.

  3. Says:

    Intelligence is a bit of handicap and love is a major handicap? What a terrible age, when people start bashing away at thousands of years of progress in intelligence, science, philosophy and morals for mere fucking. God, what a wasteland the evolutionary theory has created!

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