Equality: the 0 on the scale of female-to-male sexual attraction

She is never sexually attracted to a man whom she perceives as merely equal to her. She is attracted to the degree that she perceives him to be superior — in some way that she can get fired up about. Equality, thus, defines the 0 point on her scale of attraction.

What kind of male superiority can she get fired up about? That depends on her particular preferences, predicaments, and values. Psychosocial dominance most often does the trick. Intellectual or artistic dominance can do the trick in a domain that defines her own life. Physical superiority is rarely a strong factor because it matters less in modern life and because many men have it.


4 Responses to “Equality: the 0 on the scale of female-to-male sexual attraction”

  1. Poetry of Flesh Says:


  2. Poetry of Flesh Says:

    I’m back and healed. Well, mostly healed. Healed enough to type with *both* hands, which is exciting. I’m hoping to bug PD to occasionally guest post from me from time to time, once he’s not so busy. He is an amazing writer, I’ll pass on your compliments.

  3. Linkage is Good for You: For a Good Time Click Edition (NSFW) Says:

    […] Stagetwo – “Equality: The 0 on the Scale of Female-to-Male Sexual Attraction” […]

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