Rubbing up against your manhood: a slightly different perspective on female shittesting

Sexual girls will test you from the very first moment. For example, she may look you in the eye and keep eye contact in order to try and make you uncomfortable. Look away first, and you’ve failed the test.

Alternatively, she may ask you an innocent-seeming question. Answer her seriously (whatever your answer may be), and you’ve failed the test.

Naive men are surprised and confused by this over and over again. Why is she doing this?

One accurate answer is: to test your masculine mettle. It’s called a shittest. If you’ve looked away first or naively answered her question, she is done with you.

Why is looking away bad? Because it suggests that you are more nervous than her. This means you are weaker than her, and hence you are sexually repulsive to her.

Why is answering her question bad? And doesn’t it depend on the answer?

Check here at 2 min 10 s, for an example:

Should he have given a different answer (truthful or not), so as to impress her?

No. Whatever answer he gives, he’s failed her shittest. Whether his answer is honest or not is beside the point. Whether his answer is impressive or not is also beside the point. The fact that she asks and he answers establishes that he will let himself be led by her. This means he is weaker than her, and hence sexually repulsive to her.

How to pass the test? Don’t answer. Dominate by silence. Change the subject. Mock her. Ask a different question. Just don’t jump through her hoop.

It may be hard to believe, but how you handle her shittests is de facto more important to her than all your objective qualities. Your personality, your work, your brilliance, your looks, your social connections, your societal status, your wealth: all these things matter to women to some extent. And some of them, like status, matter more than others, like looks. However, failing her shittests will render all your objective qualities irrelevant by comparison.

Disentangling the contributions of different factors to her sexual response is complicated by the fact that the factors are dependent. For example, to the extent that your looks lend you status and confidence, they do (indirectly) make you attractive. Another example: your passing or failing of her shittests may reflect your general level of confidence; so one could argue that the tests are effective at probing a deeper quality.

However, female sexual preference is fundamentally superficial, and arguably more so than the male sexual preference for beauty. A confident man with excellent genes, good looks, high intelligence, and high societal status, may fail shittests simply because he is too honest and trustworthy. And this weakness will trump all of his deeper strengths. He will not get laid, let alone loved by her. Similarly, a careful man of solid judgment will tend to project less confidence than a bold man who, like George W Bush, will judge incorrectly and then refuse to admit his error. And the latter will get laid and loved.

Feeling your manhood: testing versus just enjoying

The concept of shittest suggests a probing and information-gathering function. Once you’ve passed a sequence of such tests, your manhood should be accepted (or rejected), and the shittesting should end. However, to the extent that the relationship remains sexual in nature, her shittesting, though it might become milder, may never end.

This is because what we call a shittest is not just a test. It is rubbing up against your manhood, and it serves not only to test but also to feel and just enjoy your manhood.

Just like squeezing a new girl’s tits and ass is equal parts testing and enjoying their physical quality, her shittesting is equal parts testing and enjoying your manhood. And both activities are equally objectifying in a sexual way.

Do you stop squeezing her tits, once you know they are good? Not entirely: because you just enjoy it. And so she will not entirely stop shittesting, even when she knows who you are: because she just enjoys feeling your manhood.

Recall that porn is about physical encounters that reveal the female object’s physical beauty. And romance novels, the female equivalent of porn, are about story, dialogue, emotion, in short: dramatic interactions that reveal the male object’s dominance and power.

Similarly, the female equivalent of rubbing up against your sex is not touching your prick, but creating dramatic interactions that reveal your dominance and power.

Being rubbed up against without one’s consent can be an unsettling and degrading experience, whether it is the physical (male) or psychological (female) variant.

Either type of rubbing up against the other sex is a natural sexual response. However, the male variant is shamed (in the absence of consent), while the female variant is widely accepted. This seems all the more unfair when we consider that manhandling a woman is generally unharmful to the woman’s health, while the stress that female shittesting creates for men over their lifespan is substantial and likely contributes to men’s lower life expectancy.

However, a few of us learn to enjoy the abuse, like a massage, and to playfully assert the dominance she so craves to feel.


12 Responses to “Rubbing up against your manhood: a slightly different perspective on female shittesting”

  1. HellRaiser Says:

    “A confident man with excellent genes, good looks, high intelligence, and high societal status, may fail shittests simply because he is too honest and trustworthy. And this weakness will trump all of his deeper strengths.”

    They truly are vapid little creatures that need us to lead them around.

  2. Poetry of Flesh Says:

    Nothing is quite as sexy as a man who can smack you down no matter what you throw at him. Never thought about it in these exact terms, having to re-evaluate opinions on previous encounters through this idea.

    I like it.

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    […] Stagetwo – “When She Endlessly Repeats the Same Question About You…“, “Rubbing Up Against Your Manhood: A Slightly Different Perspective on Female Shit Testing” […]

  4. Amanda Says:

    Wow. The lack of understanding you show towards women is impressive.

    Guys, if you want to be with a woman? Don’t follow the advice in this post. If you lie about who you are, she’ll eventually figure out who you really are and leave you. Find one who actually likes YOU instead.

    • stagetwo Says:

      amanda, if only it was that simple. what do you think is going on in that movie scene? she doesn’t like the way he looks? or his car? it’s just a movie, but this scene is realistic. think honestly about what it is that makes you and women around you attracted to men. then you can come back with a response that goes beyond whitewashing and denial.

    • Deansdale Says:

      Please quote where he says anyone should lie.

  5. Anon Says:

    “If you lie about who you are, . . .”

    I missed the part where he said to lie. Or maybe you just assumed it.

    He simply points out to men that women will be more attracted them if they refuse to jump through their hoops. I can’t see how that’s lying, unless you are saying that men who lack confidence should be precluded from learning to act with more confidence.

  6. Steve Says:

    Damn good article

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  9. Jean-Luc LeGame Says:

    This is the best piece on shit tests I’ve yet read. Thanks!

  10. Dominance and Femininity | The Badger Hut Says:

    […] It’s like their cop-an-attitude shtick is just a big macro-scale shit test, pre-weeding out guys who aren’t crafty or unmoved enough to see through it. There’s an anxiety element to the evolutionary foundations of the fitness test concept – the man must be tested if and when she detects a possible crack in the foundation, when she’s viscerally nervous that he may not have what it takes to protect her female imperatives. When she is confident and secure in his masculine capabilities, the testing abates (even then, sometimes she’ll throw some tests out just to feel him express it, to “rub up against his manhood”). […]

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