Game is a gift to women

Is game fake and manipulation? Yes. We’re cheating God, who wants assholes and abusers to rule women’s sexual fantasies. We’re tricking women into desiring us, even as we are caring and loving at heart (in secret, as she wouldn’t respond well to such knowledge). We do this because we enjoy sex and sexual power. As a side effect, it saves women from their own immutable biological program of sexual preference. A man with game will give a woman the exact amount of domination, degradation, and abuse she sexually needs. But unlike the true asshole and the true psychopath, he can control the dosage.


6 Responses to “Game is a gift to women”

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  2. vasafaxa Says:

    I don’t see gamers doing much to control the dosage. Show me an example of this, I’m curious.

  3. Doug1 Says:

    Really good insight.


    To a limited extent the comfort of pull stage is controling or offsetting the alpha asshole dominant dose. A skilled player will do more or that on some girls than others – generally on more insecure ones, or ones who are more insecure vis a vis him.

    There’s a lot of controlling the dosage for gamers who are moving a girl into a relationship and especially a LTR. However the best thing is usually a certain amount of roller coaster. Change up.

  4. Doug1 Says:


    But the player has to have gotten good at his particular style of inner game, and be a particularly perceptive kind of player. He also needs to be a little more dialed down on the quasi psychopath and more dialed up on the loving side than players like e.g. Vincent Ignatius is at the moment. But he’s young.

    Although I think VI did that with Dana, despite his special permission to discreetly play while keeping it from her.

  5. stagetwo Says:


    i agree with doug’s points.

    first, let’s remember: game is not abuse. it is not physical violence. seduction? yes. psychological manipulation? yes. demonstration of dominance and power? yes. violence? no.

    game is all about control, calibration, and dosage.

    consider the famous neg opener. it works like magic, but the dosage needs to be just right: if the girl is solidly convinced that she is superhot, you can open with something like “you look like shit” (neg/irony) and she will often instantly like you a lot. if she is hot, but has some insecurities, the same opener can turn things sour, because she might think you are simply speaking the truth. if you told the same girl she was beautiful, however, she’d immediately walk all over you. so you need an intermediate neg: just right to push her off her pedestal without throwing her on the floor so hard that she gets hurt.

    if a girl seriously thinks she is very unattractive relative to the other women present, then you can open with a compliment (negative neg). a positive neg would make her cry.

    ironically, the pattern here is that she will tend to respond well to being told the exact complement of the “truth” about her.

    abusers and psychopaths attract hardcore girls who need high dosage assholery. this may be somewhat correlated with the girl’s hotness, i’m afraid. or perhaps the depedestalization just requires a harder (though non psychopathic) push as suggested above.

  6. masculineffort Says:

    Abso-Fucking-Lutely Brilliant. I say we continue cheating God and sticking it to the man by making life harder for the true asshole and psychopath. Hurrah for game. But will women appreciate the things we do for them? Never. But we still soldier on. Why? Because we are loving men. We are even more loving than the merely loving man. The merely loving man merely loves women because it makes him feel good. But we love women so much, we give them what they want even though we do not want to and it makes us feel dubious. And as you said, we control the dosage. We take abuse for our pains. We get called manipulators even while the assholes and psychopaths get a free pass. But we still soldier on. Such is our love. Such is our manliness. Try and match that asshole Try and match that psycho. Try and match that nice guy pushover.

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