Sex to her: like dancing to me

I love dancing – with women – as part of the game. It’s a metaphor for sex.

But when she is mine sexually, my motivation to dance with her and my enjoyment of it diminishes.

Is dancing just a means to the end of seduction for me then?

No. I genuinely enjoy it for the experience itself – but it is irresistible to me only in the context of seduction.

Sex to a woman is like dancing to me. She loves sex. But when a man is thoroughly hers, her enjoyment of sex with him diminishes somewhat. Is sex just a means to the end of conquering a man to her then? No. She genuinely loves it – but it is irresistible to her only in the context of seducing a man to fall in love with her.


3 Responses to “Sex to her: like dancing to me”

  1. Steve Says:

    I like this post.

    Sex is irresistible to a woman only within the context of getting a man to fall in love with her.

    So the temptation to turn what she perceives as an independent alpha male and turn him into a submissive beta is a major sexual turn on for her, a source of great excitement !?

    Once she is already turned him into a beta, the thrill of it has gone.
    Now she uses him just for pleasure, to conceive and to extract money for herself and her children!

    It sounds like the cowboy who catches a wild stallion, breaks him and rides it until it drops. The thrill was catching and breaking the horse. Just riding him is boring!

    • stagetwo Says:

      good thoughts.

      but note that she need not be an especially selfish exploiter (e.g. extracting money). she may be very loving and still not be able to resist acting essentially the way you describe.

      note also: women feel similarly about men who use them for sex but give them little attention.

      i think women and men are equally loving and selfish — with individuals varying widely within each gender.

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