Honest grandmother

“Women are an unpredictable race. They always want the unattainable. You need to proceed strategically: remain unattainable. No one can take that right from you.”

– My grandmother’s words (I remember the exact phrasing because I wrote it down immediately after the conversation)


2 Responses to “Honest grandmother”

  1. clown Says:

    If women always want the unattainable, wouldn’t that make them… predictable?

  2. stagetwo Says:

    true. perhaps she should have said that their preferences are ‘counterintuitive’ or ‘contrary to common sense’. of course, some unpredictability remains, despite the consistent preference for the unattainable. note also the strange choice of the word ‘race’. great granny game: i’m still thinking about a remark she just dropped on the phone many years ago. unfortunately, it’s too late to ask her about these subtleties. however, her general point is quite clear.

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